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Isolation of Grooved Rails and Cross-section

Elastic bedding of grooved rails with "RCS" Rail Comfort System assures electric Isolation according to Standard DIN EN 50122-2.


Application for green tracks in road surfaces with every known covering, cost-saving, environment-friendly, full encapsulation of grooved rails for minimizing stray current losses and structure-borne noise.

System RCS - Rail Comfort System

Side profiles and base profiles  are developed for rail types
NT 1, NT 3, Ri 60, Ri 60 N, Ri 59, G 35, Ri 53, and D 180.


System RCS EKO


The advantages of the RCS SEALABLE:

  • Continually elastic mounting of the rails
  • Electrical insulation in accordance with DIN EN 50122-2
  • Higher structure-borne noise insulation than with conventional     systems
  • Adjustable deflection characteristics
  • For use in all common track constructions
  • Can be installed in the construction yard or on-site
  • Temperature resistance (blacktop material and deposition welding)
  • Suitable for use in switch areas
  • Can be installed under operating conditions
  • Lower maintenance costs due to the longevity of the RCS System
  • Available in all lengths
  • Patent-protected

Insulation of Rail S 49

Electric insulation according to DIN EN 50122-2
Insulation of Rail S 49 and the grooved rail "KRUG" - System RCS
Insulation consists of the base profile, side profile, special elastomeric self-adhesive strips Resist E SK, insulation of screws, and sealing paste FP 75. Easy Installation.