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Sealing Profiles for Modern Tunneling Methods

For decades, Sealable Solutions has been delivering a broad range of sealing profiles for all the tunneling methods in the industry.

During this time, Sealable Solutions engineers were able to develop a reliable sealing system for various areas such as pipe-jacking, shield driven tunnels, “Cut and Cover“, tunnel boring machines, and tunnel refurbishment.


Seals for the Tunnel Boring Machines

Sealable Solutions has an extensive range of tried and tested profile cross-sections, both for various areas within a tunnel boring machine and for securing the launch shaft at the critical moment of machine entry and exit.

Tubing Sealing Frame

Since 1968 Sealable Solutions has been developing compression seals for tunnels driven with shield driving machines, which are lined with prefabricated segments made of steel or reinforced concrete - the so-called segments. Due to the constantly increasing requirements since the pilot project “New Elbe Tunnel! “In 1969 Sealable Solutions developed over 50 different profile geometries and used them in more than 180 tunnel projects worldwide.