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Products from Recycling Rubber

We produce in Czech Republic


Products from recycled rubber are used mainly in building industry as antivibration and noise isolation, as flooring in sporting halls, tennis courts and as stable mats for horses and other domestic animals. All products are ecological and hygienically tested.


Noise and Vibration Insulating Mats

An effective system to reduce vibration, air-born and structure-borne noises, which are generated by rail traffic. Mats are tested and certificated by Technical Institutes.



Size 2000 × 1000 × 11,5 mm
Size 2000 × 1000 × 23 mm
Size 500 × 500 × 50 mm



Mats for FITNESS

Recycling rubber mats for Fitness centers, for aerobic, and sporting halls



Colour marble / red / black
Size 2000 × 1000 × 7,5 mm

Mats Universal

Granulated mats Universal


Properties: dampens noise and shocks, water-permeable, non-slip surface, health safety


Use: tennis courts, winter stadiums, sports halls, swimming pool edges, sidewalks, crossings, impact noise insulation, stable carpets for boxes.


Colour black / red / green
Size 2000 × 1000 × 7,5 mm
Size 2000 × 1000 × 11,5 mm
Size 2000 × 1000 × 15 mm
Size 2000 × 1000 × 23 mm

Mats Universal

Interlocking Paving Tiles

Interlocking granular paving. The surface treatment of the tread is smooth, penny, or square. The paving can be laid in sand, glued to a level concrete or asphalt base. It is glued with OKAMUL PU non-hazardous adhesive.



  • Covering of treads of exteriors
  • Edges of pools and swimming pools
  • Playgrounds
  • Riding stables


Colour black / red / green
Size 200 × 165 × 20 mm
Size 200 × 165 × 40 mm
Quantity pcs/m2 35 pcs

Interlocking paving tiles


Interlocking Plates

The surface of the paving mats is smooth with the pattern of the paving.

Interlocking plates are laid easily on a flat base from concrete or asphalt and are connected with locks.

Application: Covering of exterior, tennis courts, winter stadiums, sporting halls, swimming pools, pavements, parking places, terraces, riding halls.


Colour Black, red, green
Size 1000 × 1100 × 15 mm
Weight of 1 pc 15 kg


Paving mats